18th Edition Wiring Regulations (City and Guilds 2382-22)

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The 18th Edition regulation is a complicated book to navigate. Our course is designed to make it that much easier by identifying relevant parts and appendices of the book and what they relate to.

Each section gives the electrician guidance on information needed to confirm the installation has been selected and erected correctly.
Following the new amendments, our tutors use the blue book for classroom resources.


Congratulations to our students 100% Pass Rate


All Electricians must to be able to find the information within the book to confirm any electrical work carried out has been completed to the 7671 British standard. Copies of the blue book are available free of charge for our candidates to use during classes.
Our take-home study pack will provide a handy source of reference information for the future.

Full courses are over 3 full days or 3 Saturdays


On-line, open book, multi-choice exam (60 questions) is held on day 3 of the course

18th Edition Regulations 3 day course Dates:

Course run every month.

9th – 11th May

13th – 15th June

11th – 13th July

15th – 17th August

18th Edition Regulations 1 day update course Dates:

To be confirmed, but you must hold a wiring regulations qualification from later than September 2018 to be able to take this qualification


If your preferred date is full check with us to see if we have any cancellations or are scheduling extra courses.


 Course fees:
£350.00 + VAT for the full 3 day course

Inclusive of all exam & certification fees.

Payment in full before course start date.

We supply copies of the new Blue Regulations book for our students to use in class but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer


If you need more information, get in touch!


Please call the centre for details 0151 207 7500



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