Response to Covid-19 outbreak;  updated 15th May 2020 @ 17:00hrs

Our centre is currently closed to students and staff.

We are going to re-open on 1st June. 

Any students entering our centre will need to comply with the following criteria;

  • A suitable mask must be worn at all times when in the centre. We will maintain a 2 metre distance when we can, but it may not always be possible.

  • Anyone with symptoms of Co-Vid 19 must not attend the centre.

  • There will not be any refreshments or rest facilities available within the centre.

  • Candidates need to provide their own drinks and food as appropriate. Breaks and lunches will need to be taken outside the centre.

  • We will contact all current students over the next few days to advise of any changes.

Any study based enquiries should be directed to Mike, by email;

All admin / accounts enquiries should be directed to Dawn, by email;

Phones will be monitored from 10am to 4pm daily (Monday / Saturday)

So, what’s next?

If you are studying with us, reflect on all of the extra time you have now been given to dedicate to your new career. Read the text books, course notes and do lots of revision. Email if you need more resources.

If you find yourself with some spare time, have a look at the following websites:   for lots of exam simulators for theory resources and mock exams

If you still have spare time, here are some links for some light reading!


have you ever visited the Electrical safety first website?